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R. A. Torrey’s Prescription for Revival


“I can give a prescription that will bring a revival to any church or community or city on earth.

First, let a few Christians(they need not be many) get thoroughly right with God themselves. This is a prime essential. It this is not done, the rest that I am to say will come to nothing.

Second, let them bind themselves together in a prayer group to pray for revival until God opens the heavens and comes down.

Third, let them put themselves at the disposal of God for Him to use as He sees fit in winning others to Christ. That is all!

This is sure to bring a revival to any church or community.  I have given this prescription around the world. It as been taken by many churches and communities, and in no instance has it ever failed; and it cannot fail!”


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Spurgeon on Revival



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Quote from Vance Havner



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A New Direction


Beginning today you will find a new emphasis and new direction on this site.  Originally titled “Church Resurgence”, this site was dedicated to helping churches that were interested in revitalizing their ministry.  However – the Lord has laid upon my heart the importance of personal and church Revival.  When our churches experience revival – they will most definitely be revitalized.  Therefore – beginning now this site has been renamed Rekindled – Praying for Revival.  I will feature quotes, information, teaching material, conferences, resources and more on the subject of real, old-fashioned Revival.

Stay tuned!

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New Church Growth Magazine


From Clays Mill Baptist Church:

For the past 12 years we have published Church Bus News. “Mr. Bus”, Dr. Wally Beebe founded Church Bus News in 1972. The Lord has greatly blessed CBN through these years. It has been an encouragement to thousands of bus workers and bus ministries across America.

In recent years we have expanded The National Bus Convention to include topics on church growth for all areas of the ministry. We have also changed the name of the national conference to The National Church Growth Conference. We are now pleased to announce that we are EXPANDING Church Bus News to Christian Growth Magazine!

Christian Growth Magazine will not only include the same encouragement, instruction, ideas and motivation for the bus ministry, but CGM will also include articles that will be of help to every person and age group in our churches. Christian Growth Magazine will include articles for preachers, bus workers, married couples, the Christian home, youth workers, young people, and senior adults. There will also be something for the early believer in CGM!

We are also pleased to announce that Christian Growth Magazine will have a larger number of pages. The magazine will be high gloss and full color throughout. It will also have an upgraded binding.
In addition to this expansion, Pastor Fugate has named Dr. Justin Cooper Managing Editor of Christian Growth Magazine. Dr. Cooper is an evangelist that is already making a difference in our nation in his travels and preaching. Dr. Cooper is articulate, sharp and he comes from a family with experience in newspaper editing and production. You will find this edition to be refreshing, exciting and very helpful to you and every person in your family and our churches.

In addition CGM, you will also find that our new website will have an enormous amount of helpful material; not only in regards to the bus ministry and Sunday school, but for the entire church and Christian family. Our goal is to encourage the work of soul winning, bus ministry, Sunday school and Bible preaching. We will help to strengthen the individual Christian as well as the Christian home through solid, scriptural information.

The Christian Growth Magazine will continue to be fundamental, “old paths”, King James Bible, separated and Baptist. We will stand against contemporary music, the influence of the emergent church and any other compromise that would weaken the local independent Baptist church.

Pastor Fugate will continue the work of Editor-in-Chief and will continue to oversee the growing staff, write articles and to promote the magazine.

For more information about the magazine or to subscribe please visit


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Coming Events: Baptist Friends Conference



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Great article on Government intrusion into the church – from World Magazine


Houses taken over

GOVERNMENT | Letting the government get its nose under the church tent

Issue: “After survival,” Nov. 14, 2015

This year a dozen women in our local church taught ESL to non-native English speakers in the community and offered child care during class time. It was fun. At the debriefing in May our director discussed workbooks, summer follow-up opportunities—and mentioned in passing that child care will not be offered next semester.

The child care decision was explained as being due to a new state law requiring that all church personnel involved with children must receive official criminal background clearance. The far-seeing ESL director realized the implications and judged that it would be prudent to scrap the baby-sitting: Fewer people would be willing to take the extra step of filling out the necessary forms. The resulting smaller pool of workers would mean that our ESL cadre would be in competition with the Women’s Bible Study ministry and the Sunday nursery ministry for manpower.

Not an eyelash batted, save for one of the younger women who chirped that it might be fun to be fingerprinted.

Please read full article here:


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The ‘Preach the Word’ workshop: September 17 & 18



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Using Social Media – part 6 of Church Resurgence


Social media is essential today for church ministry and yet so many churches are lacking in this area.   I have heard many church leaders proclaim that churches and pastors of yesteryear never needed the internet and social media.  That is true indeed for them, but it is not true for us today.  Social media and the internet in general are the means by which people communicate, research and inform themselves today.  If your church is not maximizing their website and using some of the tools available on social media than to most people you might as well turn off your sign, remove your add from the yellow pages and turn your lights off because they will not find you.

There are many areas of social media and trying to play catch up can be daunting.  Here are five quick tips:

1) Keep your website up to date.  It is better to not have a calendar than to have a calendar that is outdated.  It is better to not put up pictures than to only have pictures of VBS from 4 years ago.  Using a calendar and posting pictures are great – but they must be kept up to date.  Even more important today is making sure that your website is mobile ready.  People are using smart phones and tablets today to access the internet.

2) Churches should use Facebook Pages.  A Church can best be in contact with their congregation and community through a Facebook Page.  This is currently the most heavily used social media platform that spans all age groups.  Fine someone to update it and use it.  Post events, encouraging quotes or Bible verses, share the Pastor’s upcoming sermon series, share photos from Youth events, or engage the congregation with questions.

3) Pastors should use Twitter.  Twitter is a great way for the Pastor to communicate his activities, updates and offer encouragement.  You can even tie it into the church Facebook page if you so desire.

4) The Youth Pastor should use Instagram.  This is currently the most effective social media platform for the younger generation.  The youth are visually driven and Instagram is a photo sharing platform with minimal dialog.

5) Have a blog.  The Pastor or another church leader should have a blog.  People look for them and want to see what is being discussed and offered on that format.  They are free and easy to use.


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